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The Glaucoma Eye Drop Takers Guide: Solutions to Top Problems


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The Glaucoma Eye Drop Takers Guide: Solutions to Top Problems. Your answers and “aha” moments await with this to-the-point, must-need guide that will provide help to anyone who takes eye drops. Yours for FREE on Jan 31th  when you purchase a copy of The Glaucoma Guidebook for a limited time during JANUARY GLAUCOMA AWARENESS MONTH.


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The Glaucoma Eye Drop Takers Guide: Solutions to Top Problems. Yours for FREE when you purchase an advanced copy of The Glaucoma Guidebook for a LIMITED TIME.





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the glaucoma Guidebook

An easy-to-read yet thorough guide to understanding and managing glaucoma and taking care of your vision.

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Let's break it down

Here's What You'll Learn


section One

Understanding Glaucoma

In these pages you will get your most common questions answered in simple terms. You will learn what glaucoma is, what it looks like, who is at risk, the types, how it is diagnosed, the treatments, and recommendations on eye exams, so that you can feel empowered with easy to understand foundational knowledge that will help you communicate well, or even better with your doctor, and make you feel more in control.  


section Two

12 Expert Tips to Prevent Blindness

In these pages you will find Dr. Okeke's 12 essential tips of advice that she has gathered over the last 20 + years that will provide a pathway of action steps to prevent blindness.  These are the must-know, often not told, pieces of information that can help you to become your best advocate and protect your precious sight.


section Three

Keeping It Real: Real Patients, Real Advice

In these pages you will find the stories of 5 actual glaucoma patients who discuss their challenges, triumphs and words of wisdom gathered on their glaucoma journey so that you the reader can feel encouraged, normalized, and motivated to live your best life in spite of glaucoma. 


Section Four


Finding credible resources to take deeper dives in understanding glaucoma or finding more support can be challenging and frustrating. In these pages find help on how to put eye drops in correctly, how to be a great caregiver, how to find a glaucoma specialist and how to find even more resources that have been vetted for you.

" The Glaucoma Guidebook should be required reading for everyone living with glaucoma.. 

 Using concise, readable language, Dr. Okeke takes a complex topic and makes it clear and relevant to people with glaucoma. It is so important for people to take ownership of their disease and a full understanding is key. As Dr. Okeke says, knowledge is power, and the glaucoma guidebook provides that knowledge brilliantly! 

What They're Saying

- Jody Piltz-Seymour, MD

Glaucoma Care Center at Valley Eye Professionals, LLC
Attending, Wills Eye Hospital 
Adjunct Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

"A well-educated patient is a successful patient. 

"This book will empower people with glaucoma and their families to achieve the best care. 

Dr. Okeke provides a path for a better understanding of glaucoma enabling patients to have a positive perspective of their disease. This backgrounds enables patients.  They now have the ability to better discuss their disease with their eye care providers. With this, patients can maximize their chance of maintaining vision and living with their disease.”

I love this book! It feels like you are having a conversation with the warm and caring glaucoma specialist that Dr. Okeke is. The Glaucoma Guidebook covers the important facts and provides practical strategies that glaucoma patients need."

- Alan L. Robin, MD

- Jullia A. Rosdahl, MD, PhD

Professor, Ophthalmology, University of Michigan
Emeritus Associate Professor of Ophthalmology (Wilmer Institute) and International Health (Bloomberg School of Public Health), Johns Hopkins UniversitY



Whose care do you entrust your eyes to? 

If that truth makes you pause with some confusion because you feel a bit helpless when it comes to your eyes and glaucoma and you don’t really understand a lot of what’s going on. Well… you’re not alone. 

Most glaucoma patients believe their glaucoma journey is controlled only by doctors— the ones who studied in school for years to learn about the numerous treatments for it.

But most patients are getting that wrong...

But did you know… a significant part of glaucoma care lies in the hands of the patient. 

Your eye doctors of course. 

image credit

Taking an active part in your eye care and sight preservation is actually very much in your control.

And that path? It’s right here.  


Reading The Glaucoma Guidebook is your pathway to empowerment for those who are recently diagnosed to those who have been on their glaucoma journey for many years.

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 Well either…

They have not been diagnosed.
Many people do not know they have glaucoma because it can be so asymptomatic.

 Did you know that about 50% of those with glaucoma are not aware they have the disease?

Under-treatment can occur if the risk of worsening is underestimated by the eye care provider.

They have not been treated adequately. Under-treatment can occur because of treatment delay. When glaucoma is discovered at a late stage it becomes more difficult to treat.

They have not followed the treatment regimen adequately. 

Many patients do not adhere to their glaucoma treatment regimen, which results in failure to reach their target eye pressure and then potential permanent vision loss occurs.

The Glaucoma Guidebook Is a Step-by-Step Path for Building Understanding, Gaining Confidence and Taking Action Steps Toward Vision Preservation

The Glaucoma Guidebook is an easy-to-read yet thorough guide to understanding and managing glaucoma and taking care of your vision. 

In the book, Dr. Constance Okeke, an Ivy League trained, board certified ophthalmologist who has treated tens of thousands of glaucoma patients, takes you through the perfected conversations and analogies she’s used educating about glaucoma and reveals her best advice that she wishes every glaucoma patient would know about so that they can become their best advocate. 

… So YOU Can Be Empowered with Knowledge, Improve Communication with your Doctor And Set Yourself Apart From Those Statistics

A clear explanation of what glaucoma is and pictures to show what it actually looks like (which is often inaccurately conveyed)

Explanation of “The Sink Drain Analogy” that helps to conceptualize what is happening in the different types of glaucoma and what causes increased eye pressure

The risk factors for glaucoma that everyone should know to be most vigilant in blindness prevention including familial risk 

Recommendations for when and how often one should be screened for glaucoma and what the frequency of follow up exams should be 

As you turn the pages, you will find all the resources and strategies necessary to step into your power as an educated glaucoma patient (even if you have ZERO knowledge!), including:

The “Cover Your Eyes So You Can See” Test - a screening tool that can quickly determine if a vision problem is present

Know what is expected with a glaucoma exam, including the typical diagnostic tests performed such as eye pressure and visual field

Explanations of the medical, laser and surgical treatments for glaucoma

How to best partner with your eye doctor to build a strong doctor-patient relationship 

Instruction on dealing with glaucoma, cataracts and dry eyes

Demonstration of how to properly take eye drops and how to avoid doing it wrong

A Glaucoma Caregivers Guide to foster understanding, best practices on ways to help and other helpful resources 

Keeping It Real: Real Patients, Real Advice - real world perspective from several glaucoma patients who offer support and normalization through their personal stories, challenges, and advice.

How to find a glaucoma specialist in your area and a list of credible resources to go for deeper glaucoma information

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“Dr. Okeke’s book is a wonderful resource for communities impacted by glaucoma.

 It provides patients the educational information necessary to take an active role in their care, effective strategies for working with their doctor, and a wonderful keeping it real section where you can learn from other patients.” 

-Richie Kahn



Patient advocate

"Upon the initial diagnosis of glaucoma this book should be simply handed to the patient."

Dr. Constance Okeke is absolutely on point with the delivery of thorough, accurate information. The book not only provides an in depth, clear explanation of each phase of the advancement of this disease, it details the origin and causes. With easy to identify photography, graphs and illustrations the information given is well defined and precise. It allows the reader to assess and understand not only the “why’s “ of this disease but the options that are available. Having these important tools will give the patient a foundation of knowledge to begin an informed conversation with their glaucoma specialist.

-Patricia Caufield




"This book is a must have, must read not only for the patient, but those that accompany them along this path."

I highly recommend this book as it is an easy read and simply chock-full of information and patient experiences. Dr. Okeke breaks down an expansive amount of content into palatable bites. These bites are pure gold that give the patient a firm, realistic understanding of the
lifelong journey that comes with the diagnosis of glaucoma. Being informed is the first step toward accepting and living a full life with this disease. Having “The Glaucoma Guidebook” in hand will ensure an understanding to taking those steps, one step at a time, one day at a time as advances in the understanding of this disease continue. 

-Patricia Caufield



How Does This Sound?

This Book Is For You If...


Your eyes are precious to you, and you want to make every effort to know what you can do to protect your sight.


You’d like to feel like you can ask a question because you have enough understanding to know what to ask.


You want to feel that after you ask the right questions to your doctor, you are able to follow and understand the answers.


You want to know what to expect so that you can do your part to keep up with what you need to do.

You’d like to know best practices to have the most ideal doctor patient relationship that you can.




You want to know what you should be doing if something doesn’t feel quite right. 

You want to have some control in your glaucoma journey instead of leaving it all up to someone else.

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“If I had only known…”

Too often in my career I have heard these words from glaucoma patients sitting in my chair looking at me with disbelief as I explain to them the gravity of their glaucoma condition. 

“Why didn’t someone explain my condition like this before?” 

This is a phrase I’ve also heard way too often, which as a patient advocate, always gives me a deep feeling of empathy because inside I am also asking “why?” So I decided to do something about it. 

As a glaucoma specialist, I have words of advice that I’d like to give to every glaucoma patient—words of advice that I’ve gathered over the years and feel that each patient should know to better take control of their disease.

The unfortunate reality is that I’m only one person and I don’t have enough time to give each of my patients all of those words of advice. Which is why I embarked on a journey to write this book. 

In these pages I’ve written a pathway to empowerment for glaucoma patients. Knowledge is power and when you have basic foundations of understanding, keen expert advice that is action oriented, coupled with supportive words of encouragement by others who are on your similar journey, that equals a formula that can help you to take charge and have an active role in protecting your precious sight! 

In addition to gaining confidence through knowledge, by purchasing this book, you have joined the fight against glaucoma blindness. 

Your efforts are helping two great organizations that I am donating some of the proceeds of my book to The Glaucoma Research Foundation and The American Glaucoma Society (AGS) Cares Program, which are non-profit organizations working toward a glaucoma cure and active surgical treatment for those with financial hardships. 

Blessings to your success, 

I'm Dr. Constance Okeke, glaucoma specialist & patient advocate.


Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE 

About the author

Dr. Constance Okeke is a board-certified ophthalmologist who is committed to educating her patients and the community about how to fight glaucoma blindness.

   She received her undergraduate and medical degrees from Yale University and trained in ophthalmology at the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins University. She completed her glaucoma fellowship training as a coveted Heed Research Fellow at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami, and then went on to earn a Master’s of Science in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania.
   Dr. Okeke has practiced ophthalmology, with a specialty in glaucoma and cataract surgery, for more than 20 years. She has received numerous awards and honors, including the prestigious recognition of being voted by her peers to The Ophthalmologist’s global top 100 female Power List for 2021 and global top 100 combined male and female Power List for 2022. Currently she is an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Eastern Virginia Medical School and the lead glaucoma specialist at CVP—Virginia Eye Consultants in Norfolk, Virginia. In addition to teaching, she sits on the editorial advisory board of the journals Glaucoma Today, Collaborative Eye, and Glaucoma Physician. Dr. Okeke also has two educational YouTube channels that feature glaucoma surgical techniques: iGlaucoma, which is geared towards eye care professionals, and iGlaucomaPatient, which is aimed at patient education and support.
   As part of her efforts to educate doctors in emerging techniques in the area of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), she wrote her first book, 

                                           The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery: Patient Selection. Dr. Okeke is a leading expert, pioneer, and trainer in the area of MIGS on national and international levels.
   Dr. Okeke makes her home in Hampton Roads, Virginia, with her loving husband and three children.
   For more information about Dr. Okeke and her work, visit her website at

“Vision with action makes a powerful reality.”

— Ron Kaufman